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Paul Cross Blanchard is an award-winning creative.  His work has been recognized nationally and internationally, collecting top honors in every advertising category, TV, Radio, Print, Outdoor, and Collateral. He's even won an award for an ad he created for an award show. Uncanny.

Effective advertising is more than a clever headline or pretty picture or catchy jingle.


Effective advertising is, quite simply, news.


It’s the ability to tell a story about a product or service in a way that is informative, compelling, and ultimately, persuasive.


Sound easy?  It isn't.

Like all journalism, good advertising takes research, investigation, and asking a lot of questions. Once you figure out the story, then, and only then, can you figure out how to tell it.



“Paul is more than a great writer, he’s a great thinker. And he’s everything you want in a freelancer. He’s tireless, engaged and an endless source of ideas. Whether it’s a juicy assignment, 

or something no one else wants to do, Paul will make it great.”


Eric Hirshberg

Chief Executive Officer


“Paul's smart and extremely funny. He “gets it” when “it” is sometimes hard for even the client to get. He's not the bitter, tortured kind of creative genius that Hemingway was.  Plus, I understand Hemingway is no longer available.”


Brad Kurtz

President/Creative Director

Industrial Creative

“Paul Blanchard is one of the sharpest minds (if just twisted enough to admire) I’ve ever encountered. He could cut a person to the quick with a lightning strike of his trademark Rapier Wit™, but thank your lucky stars he has chosen to use his powers for good instead of evil. The range and level of his professional work is nothing short of world-class. And if you have any doubts, just ask him.”


Terry Marks


tmarks design

“Using freelancers is a tricky business. They’re like a collection of exotic performing circus animals, 

each with his or her own special talents. And Paul Blanchard is a special breed. 

He’s a cross between the wise old elephant and the monkey who flings poo at unsuspecting victims. 

Needless to say, I use him a lot.”


Michael Everard

Creative Director


“Paul Blanchard. Great writer of all things advertising. Great business mind for identifying and solving client’s market problems. Great American who scares the neighborhood children by dressing up as George Washington every 4th of July. “


Eric R. Springer 

Chief Creative Officer



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